In the most events of an accident your head hits more than once. If something like this happens, traditional helmets can guarantee protection just for the first impact but nothing more, because their EPS structure could be broken or damaged. Imagine if a car hits you and after it you fall on the ground, it’s quite possible that for this scenario you will need to protect your head twice. Same double impact can happen in the mountains. Traditional helmets can not guarantee a double impact protection but SEVENTWENTY super safe helmets can.

How can it be?
After years of research we developed the cutting-edge technology, HexaGo. This structure represents the skeleton of SEVENTWENTY helmets, but it’s not a stiff one since it can deform elastically during an impact and returns to its original shape right after.

There are two main differences between traditional helmets and HexaGo that make multi-impact protection a specific feature of SEVENTWENTY helmets:

> Material composition. HexaGo is made using a specific elastomer we have developed, H.E.A.P High Energy Absorption Polymer. This material has the ability to deform elastically without breaking.

> Structure geometry. As we can see in nature, honeycomb structure is one of the strongest geometry compositions, exactly what we need in case of a impact scenario.

SEVENTWENTY helmets are the only in the market to have this specific feature.