Truly reliable rotational protection

Why rotational protection is important? If you have an accident while riding your bike is very likeable to happen that your head doesn’t hit the floor perpendicularly, but it always has some inclination. This will produce friction and a consequential spin of your head, this could be the cause of severe injuries. Rotational protection is […]

SEVENTWENTY – better proAction!

The innovation of freedom The wild 1970s? The outside is made of polycarbonate or ABS, the inside of expanded polystyrene. Or, in simple terms: a hard shell outside, a stiffer (styrofoam) core inside. Sports helmets have been made with these basic materials from the 1970s to this very day. Yet, when we look at the […]

SEVENTWENTY? It’s maths!

Safety is a matter of calculation. Mathematics is everywhere. It surrounds us all the time and is used in numerous fields of science. It is NOT a human invention, however.   Mother Nature has always been able to instruct us in the fields of logic and perfection, with certain geometric patterns for example recurring again […]

Keep a cool head

A cool head can concentrate better – for this an optimal air circulation is fundamental in hot summer days. But just giving a quick look at the inner honeycomb structure you can easily understand that SEVENTWENTY helmet has a very good ventilation system, letting the cool air flow easily from the outside to the inside. […]

Reliable impact protection even at low speed

Should the unwanted happen: a SEVENTWENTY helmet can’t be beaten in terms of impact protection! The HexaGo structure provides an unprecedented shock absorption in the event of an impact, because the forces are distributed in a wide area through the honeycomb structure. Moreover, the elastomer can be compressed in a consistent way, absorbing the energy […]

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